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Presto 04830 PowerPop Multi-Popper Review

Presto 04830 PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popper Review

National Presto has brought so many innovative products in the small kitchen appliance industry to make the life in the kitchen, convenient and faster which has established them as a leader in the market. Their main objective is to continually produce latest design products which satisfy the needs of today’s changing lifestyles.

It has started its journey in 1905 and manufactured pressure cookers and canners for commercial use.In 1994 they have brought the PowerPop® microwave multi-popper although it has been on the market for years, they had a reputation for leaving so many unpopped kernels. But the PowerPop® from Presto popped each and every kernels effectively. This kitchen appliance was also designed to pop with or without oil so that the users have the option to enjoy delicious buttery popcorn or a light, low fat snack. The reviews of this kitchen appliance is just given below:

Our Presto 04830 PowerPop Review

Presto 04830 PowerPop is much better than other popcorn maker as it produces more popped corn. It really does a great job! You can enjoy low-calorie popped corn every night while watching TV or enjoying leisure time with your friend and family. Whenever you want some popped corns, just go to the kitchen and spend less than 3 minutes you can have it. By adding the right mix of butter and salt, you’ll be having popcorns that taste like the ones in the movie house. If you use oil while popping, kernels get soft and equally oiled and very few kernels left unpopped. Non stick Popping bowl and clear cover can be clean easily and safely. It consists of a PowerPop concentrator; if you need more you buy it separately.

This is great for home use! It is one of the most popular type of popcorn popper which scored the highest marks for usability and making perfectly popped corn. It is very easy to use and clean. Although it is cheap in price, but does its job perfectly. Pop faster than a stovetop popper without any unpopp kernels. The Presto popcorn maker can make nearly 10-12 cups of gourmet corn in just 2-3 minutes. It consists of a durable plastic bowl and a transparent lid so that you can see whether each kernel popped well or not. If you want, you can add butter, ample amount of salt, herbs and other spices before popping easily. Remember that it doesn’t melt cold butter very well. It is easy to clean, after using it, just wipe the powercap off with a towel and it will be ready to use again.

For making it tastier and bring buttery flavor, you can use oil. If you want a lighter snack, do not use oil. Popcorn that was made in microwave was not that much tasty and crunchy before this machine has been introduced in the market. You can add salt, seasoning or some other ingredients at the time of popping. With this multi-popper you can produce almost every kind of popcorn, these are yellow, white and baby rice. Special designed concentrators help you to make multiple quantity of popcorn. Utilizes the Microwave energy to make sure that there will be no unpopped kernels.


This kitchen appliance has a lot of pros and very few cons which are stated below:

Pros Of Presto 04830 PowerPop

  • Work faster than a Stovetop popper
  • The Presto multi-popper can make nearly 10-12 cups of gourmet corn in just 2-3 minutes
  • It is easy to clean, just wipe it with a piece of towel and it will be ready to use again.
  • Perfect in size, which is 9-3/4 inches in width and 6 inches high
  • You will get a two-year warranty against manufacturer defects

Cons Of Presto 04830 PowerPop

  • It’s make noise, so you can not use it while you are watching TV or reading book.
  • There’s no On/Off switch
  • The bowl can be heated after a few minutes of blowing, so you need to be careful in handling the machine while cooking.
  • At the time of cooking unpopped kernel fly here and there of your kitchen.
  • Doesn’t melt cold butter very well


You will be pleased to know that the same product grandma used to cook faster, healthier and tastier meals is still available today. Most amazingly, Presto is still maintaining their excellence in manufacturing products which make them successful. Now if you are thinking “Do I want quality, or affordability” know that you can get both with Presto products. Some of their innovative products include- the coffee maker, popcorn popper, pressure cooker, wide variety of electric griddles, and more.
In conclusion, we can say, Presto 04830 PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popper is recommended to anyone looking for a reasonably priced popcorn maker that works and lasts. You can be rest assured that you will be satisfied with the performance of this small kitchen appliance.

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