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How to Clean A Popcorn Machine in the Most Efficient Way

If you are running a business that sells popcorn to customers, then you might own a popcorn machine. After all, it is the most efficient and convenient way to make consistently good popcorn. As your business is running for the day, it will be able to steadily supply you with fresh batches of popped kernel for your clients to enjoy. After closing time, however, you are now faced with a dirty and greasy machine that is dire need of some cleaning up. Popcorn makers will regularly need to be washed so that it will live up of creating popcorn of consistently good quality all the time. This will also give your commercial machine a longer life so it will continue to be of service for a long time.

After use, poppers are still very hot. So before you clean it, give it some time to cool down first. It is not only the temperature of the actual machine that you should consider; also check on each of its components. You will risk damaging the entire machine if you start washing it immediately. If you do not have any idea of the temperature that is ideal for cleaning it, take a look at the user’s manual. It should provide you with extensive information about it.

Start the cleaning process with the kettle using Heat n kleen kettle cleaner. This part of a commercial popcorn machine is the most abused among all of its parts so it will really need daily cleaning or even as soon as it becomes too dirty. Use a soft and clean cloth to wipe every part of it free from any sort of popcorn debris and oils. Carbon stains are rather hard to take off so they would require a tougher medium to wipe it off. There are heavy-duty carbon cleaners available so that will make removing such stains a breeze. Let it soak in the solution first for about fifteen minutes then just wipe it off.

After the kettle, work on the walls of the machine. Since it is made of glass, cleaning it will come easy with the use of the typical glass cleaners that are used on glass surfaces. Take off pieces of popcorn that has stuck on its surface and ensure that you have also removed the grease. Any stains that are not removed by the glass cleaner should easily come off with washing liquid.

The last things that you will attend to are the trays and corner posts of the machine. Most of the popcorn machines for sale today are made of aluminum so cleaning them should be a breeze. A piece of cloth that is dipped in a mixture of soap and water should suffice.

Before you turn on the machine for the next working day, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned and washed it. Also ensure that the chemicals you have used to clean it have been totally removed. The last thing that you would want to happen is to have your customers complain of soap-tasting popcorn just because you have not completely washed your popcorn machine.

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